Blades - Inspection & Repair, On/Offshore

Inspections and repairs of wind turbine blades require knowledge, expertise and special equipment together with highly trained technicians. The Blades department in Total Wind can guarantee the customers the whole package.

The Blades team focusses entirely on this area and offers the most experienced and specially trained technicians. Inspections and repairs can be carried out globally for both on- and offshore installations.

Our fiberglass teams are specially trained for the repair of polyester and prepreg/epoxy blades. Blade inspections are carried out visually or through scanning.

Total Wind accommodates the special customer requirements and offers customized solutions with the assistance of a sky climber, rope access or cranes.

Focus is always on safety, quality and flexibility.

  • Experienced and highly trained technicians
  • Fully equipped service vans 
  • Rope access teams
  • Sky-climber for kW-turbines 
  • Repair of polyester and epoxy blades 
  • Repair of nacelle cover and nose cone 
  • Tip shell replacement 
  • Leading edge protection
  • Inspection, cleaning and painting of towers 
  • Consultancy support 
  • Visual inspection
  • Warranty inspections
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